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  • Monster Master
    Monster Master plays like a trading card game, where you draw monsters from your deck with different abilities, or magic cards to help you take down your opponents monsters and life points.
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  • Mahjong Tower
    Mahjong Tower is a puzzle game based on a classic Chinese game.
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  • Skelzies
    Skelzies is a street game often played in urban areas.
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  • 501 Dart Challenge
    Reach ZERO exactly in as few throws as possible.
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  • Fleabag Vs Mutt
    You can choose either to be a cat or a dog and your aim is to throw bones, cans etc on your opponent and knock them out. To do this Left Click and Hold your Mouse button on your character to set the power of your...
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  • Super Saimon
    Exercise your brain, and improve your mental response time!
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