Action Games

  • Dance Dance Carabao
    Here we have a fun musical game, whose main character is a friendly dancing bull. Try to follow the rhythm, hitting the cursors in time with the arrows.
    • Action
  • Beauchamp - Boogie Bash
    You will be able to learn to dance the classic boogie-woogie thanks to our friendly teacher. Try to make the same moves as her, pressing the colorful buttons.
    • Action
  • Piano Pooch
    Fantastic music game in which you will have to reproduce the melody that this little chinese dog plays with the piano. You will need to pay close attention to achieve an identical harmony.
    • Action
  • Upbeat
    Upbeat is a fantastic music game in which a sense of rhythm and a lot of coordination will be necessary. Try to use the letters A, S, D, J, K, L and the spacebar when the melody suggests it.
    • Action
    Hot Game
  • Dj Club
    In this marvelous music game you will be able to practice like a real DJ. You will be able to learn the fun art of mixing sounds to make the people dance.
    • Action